Advanced Reader Reviews

“...A rollicking, round-the-world adventure...the research is impeccable, and the behind-the scenes Vatican life feels utterly authentic.  As engrossing as it is intelligent, this just might be the next big book in the burgeoning religious thriller subgenre.”

- *Starred* Booklist 

“Asensi has given us, in fact, an ecclesiastical Jane Bond whose mission is to decipher the elaborate scarification on the corpse of an Ethiopian accused of mysterious, heinous crimes against the Church…As readers wind through the maze of Asensi's plot, they may find riveting her detailed reviews of early church history, of crucifix lore and of Vatican politics.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“Before you can say Da Vinci Code… journey of initiation rituals—with clues provided by Dante's Divine Comedy… readers with insatiable appetites for church history, secret societies and weird initiation rituals will find some delights.”

- Publishers Weekly